Job Opportunity – Executive Chef at The Ocean House

Executive Chef Job Summary:

The Ocean House Restaurant is an award-winning, family-owned, oceanfront restaurant with over 40 years of dedication to our guests. Creativity, experienced leadership, an ability to endure at high volume, and with consistent excellence are the expectations of our Executive Chef. Motivation, inspiration, and a passion for culinary innovation will be vital to delivering a world-class guest experience.

Executive Chef Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create new recipes and design overall menu, including specials each week
  • Order and arrange pickup or delivery of foods for the week
  • Coordinate and direct all food preparation, from prep through service
  • Monitor the quality of all food and beverages
  • Track, record, and maintain inventory stock including foods, beverages, and kitchen supplies, including food cost reports, budget analysis, and projections.
  • Oversee repairs of kitchen appliances
  • Hire and train new kitchen staff
  • Maintain a clean kitchen and follow all state food safety and sanitation laws

Executive Chef Requirements and Qualifications

    • Culinary Arts Degree
    • 4+ years experience in a head chef or managerial kitchen position
    • ServSafe certification
    • Vast knowledge in culinary arts, including any new up and coming food trends
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Food and Beverage Software, Point Of Sale Software and reporting.
    • Excellent time management and organizational skills
    • Proven leadership and creative abilities inside the kitchen
    • Salary and Growth Opportunities

      This position has the potential to meet the most competitive of salary and incentive packages available, commensurate to your experience, and contribute to the success of the food and beverage program. Your ability to demonstrate proven leadership, precision to detail, and business-minded principles will contribute to your compensation package, benefits packages, and progressive incentives for potential

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